Stolen Meteorites

One known dealer, from Connecticut State, saw two of our planetary meteorites online. One Lunar and one Martian. He wanted to sell them to one of his customers. The meteorites were sent to him via UPS from Quartzsite, Arizona.
Three days later, this dealer said that the package arrived damaged and empty!!!!!!!!

These meteorites have been stolen. We do not know by whom. Please, help us to recover them. We are asking all members of the meteorite community to help us find these stolen specimens. They are planetary, classified and valuable.

Please help us to stop the thief by sending these pictures to all your customers, the classification laboratories, museums, your friends, private collectors and to all dealers.

For more information here is our email :

Martian Meteorite - NWA 5960 (Shergottite)
Paired with NWA 2990
Weight : 124g
Lunar Meteorite - (Under classification)
Paired with NWA 2995 & NWA 2996
Weight : 118g